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Locally Grown, Internationally Focused.

Established in 2013 as the realization of the dream of architects Masooma Groof and Mohamed Hilal, Msquare is a leading design company in Bahrain, known for its personal touch and unparalleled services to its clients.

Pursuing her love for art & media, Masooma initially started by providing branding and design services to family & friends. Word of mouth spread quickly through and the company developed a strong reputation as a top choice for clients looking for interior design solutions and sophisticated decor in Bahrain.


Since those humble beginnings, a lot have changed. Msquare’s family grew to a full team of young Bahraini designers working on a variety of projects including hotel interiors, villa interiors, retail stores, new concept cafes, restaurants, corporate offices as well as events and conferences.

At Msquare, we focus on drawing designs that encompass creativity, luxury & elegance to give you a space that not only looks classy but also provides functionality. We connect with our clients to understand their vision and goals and translate them into a reality that exceeds their expectations through careful execution and meticulous attention to detail.


Our Services


Commercial Projects • Residential Projects • Execution Projects • Landscape Projects

“Msquare managed to translate Talabat’s values and culture into the real world in a new home for us”

Eman Moh’d, HR People Advisor at Talabat

“Their work was strong, fast, detailed and meticulously executed”

Basil Zainal, Employee at Talabat

“It felt like a VIP office, something beyond our expectations”

Samer Ahmed, Head of Sales at Talabat
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