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Locally Grown, Internationally Focused.

Established in 2013 as the dream of Architect Masooma Groof and Mohamed Hilal, Msquare is the leading design company in Bahrain, known for its personal touch and unparalleled service to clients.

Pursuing her love for art & media, the company’s founder initially started by providing branding and design services to family & friends, but soon grew a reputation by word of mouth to become a top choice for clients looking for interior decoration design solutions and sophisticated decor bahrain.


Since then, the Msquare family grew to a full team of young Bahraini designers working with a variety of projects including hotel interiors, villa interiors, retail stores, new concept cafes, restaurants, corporate offices as well as events and conferences.

At Msquare, we focus on drawing designs that encompass creativity, luxury & elegance to give you a space that not only looks classy but also provides functionality. We connect with our clients to understand their vision and goals and translate it into a reality that exceeds their expectations through careful execution and meticulous attention to detail.



Masooma Groof

People have very individual characters and styles that Masooma connects to her designs. She finds inspiration in people, pictures and building and believes that you can create concepts out of everything.

Strengths: Masooma is an expert in managing people, tasks, and timelines to better serve her clients. She is strong and unrelenting in delivering projects to exceed her customers’ expectations and making sure all work is done with excellence, taking full responsibility for her team’s work and learning from her experiences. She is outstanding in relationship management, developing a deep understanding of her suppliers, customers, and employees.

Background: Masooma is passionate about art and has discovered a love for details and decoration since childhood. She found that architecture is a challenging field unlike any other because it related art to buildings and has followed her family’s footsteps to work in this field.


Mohamed Hilal

Strengths: Mohamed has a wide range of experience in Architectural design and real estate development, which makes him an added value to M Square’s current and future projects. With his strong personality and remarkable perception, he ensures landing unique opportunities and the success of his team in delivering the best quality of work.

Background: Mohamed is a passionate technology geek who finds creative ways to merge it with architecture. This passion grows side by side with his love of architectural details; especially in execution, along with projects and business management.

Head of Execution

Fatima Groof

You can find inspiration in everything, any concept can be turned into something beautiful.

Strengths: Fatima is specialized in budgeting for clients, working with numbers as well as negotiating with suppliers to receive the best price and quality for clients. She has an eye for details and ensures the flawless execution of projects managing designers and coordinating between clients and suppliers.

Background: Fatima comes from a family of artists and creatives and has chosen in work in design because she strongly believes that a comfortable place that reflects our personality can give positive energy that makes us happier.


Ghadeer Hilal

Ghadeer is drawn to art, fashion and jewellery, feeling inspired by current trends and displays. She also finds inspiration in the users and clients she works with, creating designs that are directly connected to people.

Strengths: Ghadeer is accomplished in conceptual design. She is brilliant in theoretical thinking and creating an image and a design that incorporates value and character for the client.
Background With architecture, every project presents a new challenge and this is what pushed Ghadeer to studying architecture. Her degree combines art and design, two of her passions in a way that creates impact for the end user and utilizes her skills in a practical manner.

Senior Interior Designer

Zahra Alnashaba

As a visual person, Zahra finds inspiration through her eyes in everything around her. She also draws inspiration from her previous mentors and teachers who helped shape her style.

Strengths: Zahra is specialized in mediating with clients and suppliers, she is charismatic and comforting in her interactions with clients working well under pressure to meet deadlines and delegating tasks efficiently to ensure completion.

Background: Zahra choose to work in design because of the tangible result it has on people’s lives, touching them and changing how they perceive their space. She finds the design process refreshing, requiring continuous improvements and learning, helping her grow as a designer.

Interior Designer

Mariam Salman

Reflecting on her experiences and the projects she previously works on, Mariam always works to improve her style by looking back at her older works to improve her style and execution.

Strengths: Mariam is an accomplished designer, multitasking efficiently to handle multiple projects seamlessly. She is flexible in dealing with clients and suppliers and executes diverse projects successfully and with amazing care for details.

Background: Mariam has a passion for drawing and hand crafts that motivated her to pursue design as a career. She also enjoys problem solving and finding effective solutions for clients.

Interior Designer

Fatima Saeed

Buildings and structures provide her with inspiration. She enjoys studying hotels and design that reflect luxury and elegance.

Strengths: Fatima is a vibrant fun designer whose character shines with our clients. She is great at working under pressure and working with difficult situations.

Background: Fatima has always been drawn to colors and the concept of color coordination, she has always had a passion for design and felt that this profession is the closest to her heart.

Administration Coordinator

Noor Hilal

Strengths: Noor is the engine that supports the team, her organization and task management skills ensure that the team is working well at all times. She is experienced in account management, working closely with team members to ensure accuracy in records and client financial statement. She supports the team in their daily responsibilities and works closely with clients on payments.

Background: Noor has a degree in Banking & Finance. She works on numbers and figures but also enjoys interacting with people. Her role in the organization has helped her grow to provide back office support to the team

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